3D Pen PCL Filament

3D Pen PCL Filament

3D Pen PCL Filament


1: Low temperature 3D Pen ≤40℃, can be painted on the skin, not glue the human hand;

2: PCL consumables, naturally, non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly;

3: Wireless, USB charging, almost 60 minutes long using time when full charged, more convenient;

4: Intelligent voice prompt, prompting will make it so easy to operate, don't worry about that you are not able to use it;

5: Technology is more mature, performance is more stable, safe and stable.


It is a so cute magic pen to make dreams become reality!!

3D printing pen specifications:
1. Printing range: unlimited
2. Spinning speed: adjustable
3. Printing consumables: PCL 1.75mm material
4. Heating temperature: ≤40℃
5. Equipment working voltage: 700mAH

6. Direct nozzle: 2.2mm
7. Product material: plastic shell

Packing List:

1* 3D Printing Pen

1* Consumables ( 5M* 1 color)

1* Base

1* English manual

1* USB Cable

1* Color Box

1* scissors

1* Dredge needle

Please note:

1) The color of the consumables is random.

2) The material of consumables is PCL, please note, thank you!


Detailed photos:

Safe temperature

Not hot

Can be paintedon the skin

3D children's printing pen

Ma Liang's Magic Pen Draw What You Think

Get started easily

Buying toys is not as good as painting toys,

unleashing children's creative instincts

Not just drawing

lt can also take you to think more and create more small toys

Unlimited creation

Anytime, anywhere

Baby masterpieces,happiness is actually that simple

Learn painting with zero foundation,

make the baby's whimsy come true, full of love

Easy to operate

Simple steps:

1 ) off button(voice prompt to turn on)  upthrust button,the red light flashing, then heating.

2) Voice prompt heating completed,press the inlet button.

3)Place a piece of consumable material into the feed port and press against the front end.

4) Press the speed control button (voice prompt fast,slow).

5) Press the outlet button in the discharge to pause.

6) Press the return button to automatically return the material,then you can replace the consumables or choose to shut down.

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